This again already? Just a few months ago, we heard about being the target of a trojan and the subsequent loss of user data that took place. said shortly thereafter that they would now be more defensive of their users private data, promising to protect it better.

And yet, almost exactly three months later, has come under attack yet again. The site was taken offline after it was discovered that many people visiting the site were being redirected to a compromised server, one that was setup to lure people into putting in their data. The fault was not at the user end, but was actually on the server itself. Luckily for many users, the code in particular that was there to cause all that trouble is already in the heuristics of most anti-virus suites, so up to date users would most likely not be affected.

Very few people put at risk is good, but that doesn't erase the stigma of being caught with a compromised web page.