Bethesda churned out the first set of Fallout 3's downloadable content, temporarily satisfying eager players with promises of more to come. With the second DLC pack due in February and another due in March, it seemed to be a busy time for Bethesda and fans of the game. There's been a setback, however, and both of the next planned DLC updates for the game have been delayed. Each update is being pushed back a month, with The Pitt now due in March and Broken Steel due sometime in April.

With little details released on the cause for the delays, it's easy to assume that it's probably a development setback. The first DLC pack, Operation Anchorage, was released on schedule but has been criticized by some as being too bug-ridden. Bethesda may be trying to save off negative feedback on the next two packs by polishing up development a bit before final release.