There's a lot of importance behind the standards for desktop hardware. It helps ensure that when you buy a part, whether it's a motherboard, a hard drive or even a power supply, it'll fit in your case and (usually) work with your other hardware. Antec is breaking away from that mold, however, believing that the traditional standard for PSUs is outdated and something else needs to be done. They are introducing the CP-850 power supply, complete with a new form factor that is incompatible with traditional cases.

Obviously needing to be paired with an Antec chassis, the CP series has been redesigned with certain specific functionality in mind, such as improved airflow and reduced noise output. It features four 12V rails, 80+ and Nvidia SLI certification and comes with a five-year warranty. The Antec-only PSU is priced at $150 which is far from cheap but isn't outrageous compared to other similar-specced PSUs. Though it isn't compatible with other cases, it is still compatible with existing motherboards.