Hulu issued a double blow to their online partners today, requesting two different services to pull content from their sites. Beginning with, Hulu contacted CBS and requested that they pull all content fed from Hulu on the site, apparently due to a contractual issue.

Shortly thereafter they continued the move, disabling access to their content through the Boxee service. Hulu's CEO, Jason Kilar, mentioned that they would rather leave the content available to others but it is not up to them. The decision, which Kilar elaborated on with a blog update, indicates that in this case the content owners are the cause of the changes - which could mean NBC or any other partner that provides them with video. Whatever their reasoning may be, this could result in a setback for Hulu, as many Boxee users will likely return to torrents rather than be forced to sit in front of their computers to watch the latest episode of their favorite show.