If you're a Netflix customer that has taken advantage of the very nifty but somewhat scope-limited streaming feature, you might be in for a cost break in the near future. Netflix's CEO has stated that they are considering to offer a streaming-only plan option by next year that would do without the physical DVDs sent by mail.

With the advent of more hardware streaming devices ready to take advantage of Netflix's video streaming, the only setback for people would be video selection. If Netflix can beef that up, a streaming-only option that is somewhat discounted from their regular service rates would be very attractive. Netflix has found in their own studies that given a choice, many people prefer to use their "Watch Instantly" feature over waiting for a DVD. In fact, there's over a million Xbox users currently using that feature.

Netflix definitely has the subscriber base and the appeal to make such options viable. Their only setback is video selection, where their online library still pales in comparison to their massive DVD library.