As promised, Valve is continuing its support for Team Fortress 2 with the release of a long awaited update focused on the Scout class. There will be a total of 3 new weapons to play around with - the Sandman baseball bat, the Bonk energy drink and a double barreled shotgun - along with thirty five new Scout achievements and three new community maps.

Additionally Valve announced that the game will be getting a 50 percent price cut, as it did with Left 4 Dead recently, to renew interest in the game and bring in some new players. The sale will run until later today and sees the popular multiplayer shooter drop down to a mere $10 - it is definitely worth the purchase. A full list with details of the update can be found after the jump.

New features

* Added The Force-A-Nature, The Sandman, and Bonk!
* Added 35 new Scout achievements
* Added crit boosted on/off sound effects
* Added new sounds for upgraded teleporters
* Added new sound for a fully charged medic dying
* Add bonus points section to scores
o Scouts earn a bonus point for killing Medics who are actively healing a target
* Added several new speech concepts, mostly hooked up to new Scout lines
* Added new "Remember last weapon between lives" option to the Multiplayer Advanced dialog
* Spies can now control which weapon the enemy team sees them holding. Hitting the "last disguise" key while disguised updates the disguise to show the Spy's currently held weapon
* Added several new Arena mode announcer speech events.
* Added "First Blood" to Arena mode
* Removed 2x item respawn times in arena
* Changed backstab handling to fix facestabs
* Spies disguised as enemy team can now see player IDs for enemies

New maps

* Added community maps: cp_egypt, arena_watchtower, and cp_junction
* Updated cp_fastlane with Arttu's new version

Mapmaker requests

* Added new input for forward speed modifier to FuncTrainTrain
* Added TeleportToPathTrack input to func_tracktrain


* Fixed a bug where players would sometimes gib from non-gib damage kills
* Fixed stat screen showing an entry for a class called "map."
* Fixed item model panels not using team skins