In a move sure to irk some game developers, has just introduced a new used game trade-in program that lets consumers send in their old video games in exchange for store credit. The process is fairly simple: Find the game on Amazon's trade-in beta site to see how much it is worth, print out a free shipping label to send your game, and once received (assuming all is well with your copy of the game) you'll get an Amazon gift card credited to your account.

Other companies such as GameStop make a good percentage of their revenues from buying and selling used games. However, according to data gathered by CNET, Amazon is for the most part offering higher trade-in prices than them and you can use that credit to buy not just games but pretty much anything off their vast catalog of products.

Retailer Toys"R"Us also stepped into the used games market recently and, of course, you could always avoid the middleman by selling directly through eBay and even Amazon's own Marketplace to keep the extra profit. In the end, increased competition for used games seems like nothing but good news for gamers.