OCZ has officially become the latest company to jump into the netbook bandwagon. Following on from their 'Do-it-Yourself' notebook computer line for hardware tweakers, the company has launched Neutrino, a netbook which end users can configure themselves - without voiding the warranty - as it will come lacking RAM, a hard drive and an operating system.

Otherwise the rest of the specifications are basically identical to most netbooks on the market. It comes with a 1.6GHz N270 Atom processor sitting on Intel's 945GSE mainboard and sports a 10-inch LED-backlit screen with 1024x600 resolution. Users will then be able to squeeze in 2.5-inch drives with up to 250GB capacities, including OCZ's own 250GB SSD drive, as much as 2GB of RAM and either Windows XP or Ubuntu Linux.

No pricing for the Neutrino was announced, but seeing as it will be available in barebones form, we are certainly hoping OCZ gets it right when it hits the market sometime in the next two or three months.