Ever since Google removed the beta label from Chrome late last year, the company has been pushing out several minor updates that focus on stability and bug fixes. This has brought the current stable version to number But even though the browser still lacks many standard features, compared to its rivals, it appears that the search giant is now getting ready to move onto version 2.0.

The new Chrome 2.0 beta leaves the interface pretty much alone and focuses on speed and functionality. For starters, their much-touted V8 JavaScript rendering engine has seen an update that will make it up to 35 percent faster, and a new version of the WebKit rendering engine means that Chrome now supports features like full-page zoom, auto scroll, and the same CSS gradients and reflections that Safari 4 offers.

Chrome 2.0 beta also allows you to quickly realign your view by dragging tabs to five preset docking positions - similar to how in Windows 7, for example, dragging a window to the top of the screen will maximize it - and it introduces a forms auto-fill feature. Whether or not these changes merit the full 2.0 versioning is up for debate. In any case, you can get the latest beta version here and share your thoughts in the comments.