Intel's desktop CPUs will be coming down in price over the next few months, with some cuts as high as 20% planned, according to DigiTimes. The price cuts would affect many products in Intel's Core 2 line, including higher end units like the Q9550S and some lower end units like the E7500. Several Pentiums will also be brought down in price, like the dual core E300, which will be somewhere around $65. For the ultra-cheap market, the Celeron dual core E1500 will drop down to a mere $43, making it one of the cheapest dual-core CPUs available.

The price cuts are most likely in response to planned deployment of some newer models, which will hit the market with higher prices. These are primarily Core i7 CPUs, such as the 3.33GHz i7 975, which is expected to have a price tag north of $1,000. Intel will also be introducing some newer budget CPUs, including a slightly faster dual core Celeron, the E1600.