Google may be the most popular search engine of all by a large margin, but when it comes to serving relevant results they are humble enough to know there's still plenty of room for improvement. With that in mind, the company has updated its search engine today with a couple of subtle but nevertheless interesting new features to help its users find information on the web: semantic search suggestions and extended snippets.

The first should enhance the suggested related search information that appears at the bottom of a results page by broadening the scale of related searches to related concepts within the search terms. If you search the words "principles of physics," for example, Google says its engine will suggest additional queries involving angular momentum, special relativity, big bang, and quantum mechanics.

The second tweak regarding snippets will come in handy for longer searches. Beginning today, when you enter more than three words into the engine will provide more extensive descriptions (highlighting matched keywords in bold) for each result, which should result in fewer instances where you have to follow a link to see whether it actually contains what you're looking for.