Continuing with their multi-device movie delivery service plans, Blockbuster has announced a new deal that will make its digital video catalog available for purchase or rent to all TiVo Series2 and Series3 DVR owners (including the HD and HD XL models) in the second half of 2009. As part of the deal, Blockbuster says it will also start selling TiVo units in its thousands of retail stores as well as online at

The announcement also makes TiVo an even more attractive option for video renters who want instant access to movies, as it is able to pull content from Amazon Video On Demand, Netflix Watch Instantly, YouTube and now Blockbuster. However, the movie rental house believes its catalog will stand out against those of its rivals by offering newer releases than the rest. Although pricing details are yet to be disclosed, Blockbuster currently offers movie rentals for about $2 to $4 and permanent movie purchases between $15 and $20.