As the Asus Eee PC line continues to evolve, we have seen it grow from just a single netbook offering to dozens of different hardware devices ranging from tiny 7-inch mobile units to standalone desktops. Now Asus has announced it will continue expanding the lineup with new Eee PC models that have optical drives included.

At least two such models are on the pipeline. The Eee PC E1004DN, for example, will reportedly carry a price tag that sits somewhere between $530 and $590 and should also bring with it more hard drive space and newer hardware. We can expect this model to show up next month while a second unit, the Eee PC 1008HA, should arrive in May.

It's very interesting to see how netbooks have evolved to include larger displays, more storage options and now optical drives as well. I wonder, though, where's the incentive to go with a $600 Atom-based system over any number of entry-level laptops which could come loaded with much faster hardware?