If you haven't heard of the EVO console, you are not alone. When a new player emerges onto the console market and claims they will have a new platform for us in short order, it's easy to dismiss it. There have been flops and vaporware consoles in the past, such as the Phantom console which was teased about for a number of years. However, a company called Envizions, which announced a Linux-based console called EVO last year, seems to actually be making some progress. Apparently, the company has finalized the hardware specs for the box and is now taking pre-orders.

The Linux-based console won't be cheap, coming in anywhere from $280 to $380. What will that kind of cash get you? We're not sure at this point. The only information regarding to the games it will sport is generic, claiming it'll be shipped with a cloud service for Amiga-based games and a video on demand service. On top of that there will be games sold at retail as well, on SD cards, but they will have to offer something really sweet to get gamers to bite. What's your take on this? Could there possibly be more room in the console market for another player?