Following an outcry from the online community AT&T has backtracked on recent changes made to its wireless terms of service that would further restrict mobile video. According to the company, the posting was made “in error” and it has since been removed in favor of an earlier agreement. The updated TOS specifically prohibited downloading movies using P2P file sharing services, customer initiated redirection of television and video (services like SlingPlayer), web broadcasting, and data tethering.

AT&T was already restricting video on its mobile network, though, as the revision only means the “customer initiated redirection of television and video” portion is no longer forbidden. Interestingly, the carrier offers its live Mobile TV service for a charge of $15 or $30 per month, so it seems the original modification was aimed at blocking competition from companies like Sling Media and Orb Networks. It’s a good thing these sneaky changes no longer go unnoticed nowadays thanks to the Internet.