Just two days ago, many Time Warner customers were relieved that the company had postponed trials of their planned bandwidth cap implementation due to unspecified “comments” and ideas they received. On the surface, they appeared to be delaying the move until later this year, perhaps when the outcry from the public had settled down. Now, it seems the company may be completely abandoning the idea… for now.

This represents the fourth major change Time Warner has made in a very short amount of time in terms of this project. They initially announced the caps, which were quite low. They were later modified to be larger, and then they outlined pricing plans including very expensive ones for unlimited usage. Now, after considering a delay, Time Warner says that they are shelving the idea until pending “further consultation” with their customers. Some believe this is the company caving to pressure from upset users.

A few questions remain, of course. When will Time Warner visit this again? Clearly, they won't drop it forever. And, when they do revisit it, will the public be just as incensed as this time around? More importantly, what effect will this have on other ISPs who may be considering or have already implemented a cap?