The world of high-end graphics workstations grew a bit this week, with Nvidia announcing a new piece of hardware for the Mac Pro line of machines. The Quadro FX 4800 has been introduced as a top of the line professional GPU, aimed at people working on animation, production and video processing. With a price tag up in the clouds at around $1,800, this card is no lightweight, costing nearly as much as a what Mac Pro itself would run you. That price gets you a many workstation-oriented features, including a massive 1.5GB frame buffer and 76.8GB/sec memory bandwidth.

Given that probably not a single one of these cards would ever be used in a gaming rig, Nvidia isn't playing up specs much. Interestingly, the press release makes it a point to indicate they are aiming this card at Mac Pro, specifically saying that it was designed around common software used in graphics development on the Mac. You can read more about the FX 4800 here.