We all know that Nvidia and Intel have had some bitter blood between them several times in the past. Each company has been at the throat of each other for various reasons, with Intel suing Nvidia and vice-versa. Other issues have also come up, such as Nvidia downplaying the importance of the CPU in the future, which obviously would be a sore spot for Intel.

Lately, the graphics firm has made more bold statements that paint Intel's marketing strategy in a bad light. In particular, Nvidia's technical marketing director, Tom Petersen, has made some harsh statements about the Core i7 chip, criticizing its high price along with Intel's claims that it is the “best” gaming CPU available today. He brought up comparisons in upgrading CPUs as opposed to adding multiple GPUs, saying that from a price vs. performance standpoint, SLI is a much better option than an expensive CPU.

Petersen's words might ring true with many gaming enthusiasts, but should an Nvidia rep be criticizing Intel's marketing techniques? It seems to me that it would be better to leave debates about performance benefits of hardware up to independent reviewers – after all, Nvidia is already in enough hot water with Intel.