DICE caused considerable upset among PC gamers recently, following an announcement that the upcoming title in the Battlefield series was going to have a limited launch. DICE revealed that Battlefield 1943, in a somewhat backwards move to how the market has worked in the past, will be available only on consoles during the first few months of its release in June.

DICE claims that their intention was not to punish PC users, but to have the proper development time for creating a PC version of Battlefield 1943 instead of a console port. Furthermore the company explained that the PC version requires more features, support and technical consideration, as it “can't just be thrown out there using copy/paste.” Exactly what changes DICE has in store for the PC version isn’t mentioned, save for the fact that this will be their first PC title to use the Frostbite Engine. So, regardless of the flak they are receiving, anyone who wants to pick up Battlefield 1943 for the PC will have to wait until at least September.