If you’ve ever had the urge to purchase a Sony PlayStation 3 and turned up a Franklin short, a current promotion going on at your local GameStop and EB Games might be worth investigating. The offer basically entails you dragging your old PS2 into one of the local stores enrolled in the promotion and you’ll be credited $100 toward your purchase of an 80GB PS3. Along with your actual console, you’ll be expected to hand over the AV cable, power cord, a Sony brand dual shock PS2 controller and three PS2 games with a $2 trade-in value each – all fully functional, of course.

Being that the PS3 has had a less-than-stellar success and that retail outlets don’t see a significant income from console sales alone, it’s an understandable proposition from GameStop’s standpoint. Reselling the PS2 and games probably won’t result in much, if any earnings, but by luring you into obtaining a next-gen console, GameStop secures the sale of its games and garnishes, which is where the true profit lies.

Considering backwards compatibility has been yanked from the PlayStation 3, however, do you see the incentive in doing this or would you rather keep your valuable PS2 games library intact and playable?