In a move which one might suspect is fueled by Cablevision's recent announcements, Verizon is preparing to offer free Wi-Fi access to its broadband subscribers. The phone conglomerate is joining forces with Earthlink founder, Sky Dayton and his wireless communications startup, Boingo. Together they will deliver Wi-Fi access at hotspots, though it is unknown how widely available the access will be.

In addition to Cablevision unveiling a similar service for their customers, Verizon is under pressure from the increasing number of users relying on mobile devices like cell phones and laptops as a method of connecting to the Internet while on the move. AT&T, also a major competitor, has featured free Wi-Fi access at hotspots for some time now.

Although a Boingo spokesman was not available to comment on the subject, their global network of 100,000 hotspots is expected to be available for Verizon FiOS and DSL broadband users. Boingo usually charges customers $9.95 per month for access to North American hotspots spread across airports, cafes and eateries.