What will become of Vista once Microsoft makes Windows 7 available? With many people still opting for XP over Vista and many businesses refusing to adopt the newer operating system, many are wondering if it will soon become a forgotten release sandwiched between releases - much like Windows ME was. Microsoft, unfortunately, doesn't want to speculate and has declined to comment on their future plans for Vista.

Remaining suspiciously indirect about their aims, Microsoft says they haven't made a decision on whether or not Vista licenses will be available past the launch of Windows 7. In fact, they claim they aren't even sure. A few things they have clarified are that Windows 7 users would be able to downgrade to Vista if they so choose and that 2012 marks the end of support for Vista. Microsoft seems to be hoping that the demand for both will be small, betting that the next iteration of Windows will capture both Windows XP and Windows Vista users. All in all, they are being curiously silent about the matter.