Fallout 3 fans have only one more day to wait before the release of the next, and arguably most anticipated, DLC package for the game. Broken Steel will be pushed out to Games for Windows and Xbox Live starting tomorrow, for a fee of 800 Microsoft points (which cost $10). One final launch trailer has been released by Bethesda, this one focusing on the story and scope of the DLC as opposed to gameplay footage.

Broken Steel will be the third package released for the game since launch, following a trend that most publishers have adopted these days of pushing out content well after release for more revenue. So long as the quality is good, most gamers probably think it's a fair trade. Unfortunately, that's not always the case - many publishers, including Bethesda, have taken criticism for releasing buggy content. Both DLCs released prior to Broken Steel faced numerous bug issues, some so severe as to make them unplayable. Will they have turned things around this time? For the series' sake, I hope so.