AMD wants the world to know that video gaming is more than just blowing things up and shooting everything possible. The company believes that games can help learn, and might even have a place in schools. In fact, they want students to help them prove it. Working with the Learning Games Network, AMD is sponsoring the "A-ha Moment" video contest, in which they are asking school students to craft a video that demonstrates how games helped them reinforce skills they learned.

For the rest of the month, they will be accepting videos from people in two categories, the first of which is seeking for explanations from young gamers on how a particular event or moment in a game helped them learn. The second is for them to try and justify a game being used as an education tool. In each case, AMD will rate the videos and determine who made the best of the best.

Of course, AMD is not looking for scientific evidence here, just opinions from actual gamers. The company is giving away hardware for those they select as winners, similar to their current on-going contests celebrating their longevity. Prizes will include several AMD-powered HP notebooks. You can read more about AMD's endeavors in education here.