For the second month in a row, video game sales are expected to see a significant decline. Following a year-over-year drop of around 17% in March, recent forecasts paint the video game industry as slipping another 17% in April, with sales totals expected to equal around $550 million. This is despite still-healthy sales estimates for consoles and handhelds alike, with the Wii once again coming in number one at just under half a million.

Even though sales figures for consoles remain decent, analysts expect a double-digit decline for the second month in a row - something that could be seen as the softening of a market that so far seemed recession-proof. However, according to analysts, part of the decline has much to do with game availability in 2009 as opposed to 2008, with less big-name titles coming out that grab gamers' attention. That could be true, as April is usually not a peak month for most development schedules, yet titles like Grand Theft Auto IV and Mario Kart Wii launched and sold 4 million combined units during this same period last year.