According to reports, EA is facing an interesting security issue today, following news that their up and coming potential superstar, The Sims 3, has been leaked onto torrent sites. Just last week the company announced that the game had gone gold, meaning that all development was finished. If the leak was based off a gold product, what would be floating around the net right now may be the same as their final product. That's bad news for EA, especially since their official release is still not due for at least a couple of weeks.

This might also lead to early reviews – though I imagine EA would hound any site risking an unsanctioned review before the game was even available. The nature of the leak suggests that someone on the inside willingly pushed the software out to the public. If such was the case you can imagine EA won’t take this lightly. With so much invested into the series, and a lot of hope riding on it, it’s likely that someone will be made responsible – and fired to say the least.

You may also remember years ago, before the release of Half Life 2, there was a big scandal revolving around infected machines contributing to the leak of a major game source code. Could this be a repeat of that?