Systemax, the company that bought bankrupt Circuit City's brand and other assets, has re-launched the online portion of the electronics retailer today with promises of lower prices, a wider selection, faster shipping and better customer service. If you go to the official website, it appears to be business as usual, although a link at the top takes visitors to a page with information about the new ownership and some other details that should be of interest to former Circuit City customers.

Specifically, the page contains a letter from Systemax executive Gilbert Fiorentino explaining that Circuit City customers can prevent their personal information from being transferred to the new owners by opting out no later than June 9, and provides a link for those who wish to do so. Of course, they encourage them not to do so and promise to always respect customers' privacy. Systemax is also the owner of consumer electronics retail brands TigerDirect and CompUSA.

Interestingly, just a few days ago Walmart announced it was stepping up its consumer electronics push in a bid to get a portion of the market left up for grabs by Circuit City. I guess nothing's ever that easy.