When it comes to online video websites, YouTube may lead the pack in terms of traffic with its user-generated content, but Hulu is definitely the place to go for high quality programming from the largest studios and networks in the business. In just two years, the NBC/News Corp joint venture has practically sent Joost into oblivion and significantly altered the Internet TV viewing landscape.

As the site's popularity skyrocketed, however, users have been clamoring for a way to get it out of the browser and into the living room - Boxee was the perfect solution to this but Hulu was persistent in blocking the software at the request of the content providers. In an interesting turn of events, they are now releasing their own standalone application, promising a "lean-back viewing experience" delivered straight to your computer. Hulu Desktop is available on Windows and Mac - but not on Linux - and can be controlled not just via a mouse and keyboard, but also through any Apple or Windows Media Center remote.

Additionally the company has launched a new Labs section today, where you'll find stuff like a video panel designer to create embeddable widgets for Hulu, as well as new recommendations and time-based browsing tools.