Current-gen consoles have always been touted as being capable of much more than just gaming, and recently, Microsoft's Xbox 360 has taken some significant steps towards becoming that all-encompassing entertainment center. Not only was the rumored deal with Sky Player in Europe confirmed this week, but apparently live television programming is coming to the console for U.S. residents as well through a partnership with Hulu.

At least that's according to the rumor mill, which was set in motion by a teasing Twitter message yesterday evening from Attack of the Show host Olivia Munn, reading: "Just finished promos for Hulu/Microsoft event I'm doing on June 8!" Microsoft has previously stated that they were investigating Hulu connectivity on the Xbox 360, so the idea of it being integrated right into the dashboard similar to the current Netflix streaming option is not at all farfetched.

Hulu also just announced a desktop client for accessing their content in a media-center-like format, which suggests they have every intention of moving into the living room. Perhaps we'll hear more about this alleged partnership next week at Microsoft's E3 press conference on Monday.