Microsoft and Asus are partnering up in an effort to stifle the already declining Linux netbook presence - as if Microsoft needed a better market position, or another ad campaign for that matter. The two companies have launched a website propagating an unsurprisingly irritating mantra: "it's better with Windows." The promotion revolves around the concept that Windows will deliver a dependable and familiar experience, free of major incompatibility issues.

Once a Linux-rich division, Microsoft has all but stolen the netbook show. According to an NPD report last month, netbooks that ship with Windows have risen from 10% in the first half of 2008 to 96% in February 2009. That's not to say Linux is no longer receiving attention, Intel's Moblin OS is perhaps one of the most interesting projects currently around for netbook users.

While I've dabbled with various Linux distributions myself and have always crawled back to Windows - am I the only one who is irked by "it's better with Windows"?