Intel has issued a public beta of Moblin 2.0, its Linux operating system distribution designed and tuned specifically for Atom-powered devices such as netbooks and low cost desktop PCs. The new release includes a revamped user interface, built from the ground up using the Clutter Animation Framework, and an "m_zone" home page which provides instant access to various services.

The toolbar and panels across the top of the screen has been designed to easily integrate internet access through a Mozilla browser, as well as to social networks, synchronized calendars, tasks, appointments and media content. Besides putting a prettier face on Linux, the 2.0 version of Moblin also puts a strong focus on three areas, according to Intel: fast boot, a small footprint, and optimal battery life.

The release is intended for testing and feedback is welcome through bugzilla for those who which to give the 680MB beta a try. A detailed user guide is available online as well as a promotional video of the operating system in action after the jump. Moblin 2.0 for netbooks will be followed up next year with a MID version that focuses on the successor to Atom, Intel's Moorestown CPU, and will offer support for VoIP connectivity.