During an Internet Week event a couple of days ago, News Corp.’s chief digital officer, Jonathan Miller, said he foresees subscription-based access to at least some of Hulu’s content. Before you grab the pitch forks and torches - the vision is presently only of Miller’s speculation. That said, he continued by suggesting that he didn’t see why pay-based content wouldn’t happen, backing the idea further by calling it a “logical thing.”

Naturally, speculation is what it is, but Miller’s last gig was running AOL. He now coordinates News Corp.’s efforts in discovering methods of getting consumers to pay for their digital content. News Corp.’s properties include Fox Television, Fox News, 20th Century Fox films, The Wall Street Journal and more, so what Miller finds “logical” is bound to bear some credence.

He went on to offer some thoughts on what mainstream newspapers must do to halt their decreasing customer-base. According to Miller, the average consumer flocks to the concept of “bundles.” He feels that printed news should resort to offering bundles of various publications relevant to a given audience.

I somehow doubt that printed media's downturn will slow, much less increase sales given the presence of the Internet and alternative media outlets. Would you be willing to pony up for Hulu’s services or buy into “bundled” paper news?