Two days ago we found out Windows 7 would be shipping October 22, now we may have an “unofficial” peek at the pricing that’s to come. It would seem that a leaked Best Buy memo details the company’s “plan for the Windows 7 launch.” In addition to information regarding Microsoft’s latest operating system, comically, the memo recognizes Vista’s shortcomings by saying that 7 isn’t just a “Vista that works.”

The memo says that Best Buy wants to aid users during the coming transition, ensuring the success of the switch. To meet this aspiration, starting June 26 the company will guarantee a free copy of Windows 7 to customers who purchase a PC with Vista Home Premium, Business or Ultimate. Those who purchase individual discs of Windows Vista will also qualify for the promotion.

Additionally, from June 26 until July 11, select editions of Windows 7 will be available for preorder on Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade and Professional Upgrade will be listed at $49.99 and $99.99. This compares to Vista’s Home Premium and Business Upgrade editions pricing at $129.95 and $199.95. So, the obvious question is: will you be flooding BestBuy’s servers June 26?