We're all well aware of the beating AMD has taken in the past two years. Delays into the 45nm market, poor reception of the original Phenom CPUs, and other issues have all set them back. Intel's chips on the other hand have been coming out quickly and performing well, in numerous segments, taking the lion’s share of the market. Things might be looking up for AMD in 2009, however, as the company actually gained market share at Intel's expense the previous quarter.

Echoing somewhat similar findings from Mercury Research and IDC earlier this year, iSuppli reports that after losing share to Intel on a sequential basis last year, AMD has turned things around and is up significantly, taking 12.8% of the market. Those gains came almost exclusively at Intel's loss, which fell from 81.6% to 79.1%. It can't be said that the gains came due to any fault of Intel's, as their entire product line is being well-received currently.

On the contrary, it may mean that AMD’s latest endeavors, including their 45nm Phenom parts, may be doing well. I hope the company keeps that up while keeping the price pressure on Intel. Could this be a sign of an AMD resurgence, or perhaps it is just a temporary gain attributable to other factors?