Last month, during a conference call with analysts, Intel formally introduced a new mobile platform designed to power the next generation of netbooks and other mobile devices. Codenamed Pine Trail, the new platform basically integrates a microprocessor core, graphics processor, and north bridge functionality into a single piece of silicon, code-named Pineview, while a separate Tiger Point chipset will handle I/O operations.

There's no official word from the company regarding a launch date, other than a Q4 timeframe, presumably early on so that manufacturers can get new netbooks out in time for Christmas. Some new details have emerged today, however, courtesy of DigiTimes’ industry sources. According to the site, the first Pine Trail chips will launch in October “at the earliest.” This actually brings nothing new to our attention, but they also claim the new CPU will be known as the Atom N450, while its I/O controller will reportedly be called NM10.

The reduced number of chips should result in a cheaper platform, for computer makers at least, and lower power consumption. Reports suggest the single-core chip will be clocked at the same 1.66GHz as current Atom N280 parts, and despite having a graphics core can still be paired with Nvidia’s Ion graphics chip. Intel is expected to issue a last-order notice for the Atom N270 in the first quarter of 2010, with the low-power CPU due for a phase-out by the end of the first half of the year.