Nvidia has announced five new additions to its GeForce 200M series, which the company claims round out its mobile graphics lineup with up to twice the performance and half the power consumption of previous chips. While existing GeForce GTX 280M and GTX 260M chips remain at higher end of the spectrum, the new parts are Nvidia’s first to be built on a 40nm process and unlike the latter two, which feature a rebranded version of the G92, these latest mobile offerings are derived from the same GT200 architecture seen in GTX 200 desktop cards.

They range from the GTS 260M, with a core clock of 550MHz and 96 stream processors, down to the G210M clocked at 625MHz with just 16 stream processors. Nvidia has finally adopted GDDR5 memory in its GTS variants, and all offer support for DirectX 10.1; both inevitable upgrades considering AMD have supported them for a while. In addition, the new chips support CUDA, and all except the G210M offer built-in PhysX technology for GPU-bound physics calculations.

Nvidia says it has 100 design wins for the new chips, but could not disclose any of them, as products have yet to be announced by their respective makers. You can read more about the new parts here.