Late last year, it was revealed that Adobe would be pushing Flash 10 onto several new platforms. More specifically, they recently revealed that the technology would make its way over to Windows Mobile, Android, WebOS, and Symbian devices around October this year – albeit in beta form. That's closer to reality now, with announcements that HTC's new Android-based “Hero” phone will come stock with Flash installed and ready to go. This will give the phone the flexibility to use a much wider range of online services such as YouTube.

The version of Flash shipping with Android won't actually be fully Flash 10 compatible, using some older elements that are specific to Flash 9. However, it will be capable of on-the-fly updates, which will allow them to push out better functionality as it is developed. Sadly, this won’t be available for Android phones other than HTC’s Hero, but Adobe still claims that full Flash 10 support for the platform is on the way.