Flash arriving on Android soon

By Justin
Jun 25, 2009
  1. Late last year, it was revealed that Adobe would be pushing Flash 10 onto several new platforms. More specifically, they recently revealed that the technology would make its way over to Windows Mobile, Android, WebOS, and Symbian devices around October this year – albeit in beta form. That\'s closer to reality now, with announcements that HTC\'s new Android-based “Hero” phone will come stock with Flash installed and ready to go. This will give the phone the flexibility to use a much wider range of online services such as YouTube.

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  2. Oh my...

    Imagine a mobile phone trying to render a web page with flash.

    It will automatically crash.

    Flash is SO badly built, even on Windows it consumes so much of the CPU.
  3. you beat me into it. i got icore2 duo 2.13gz laptop and everytime i get to those flash-heavy sites, my cpu workload indicator goes up to 100% and the fan goes to overdrive mode. i bet your going to need an icebox to carry your cellphone around :D
  4. whatever mine dos nor spike at all and my fan does not turn on go somewhere else with that i know u typing that from a mac
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