Microsoft may be introducing a Family Pack for Windows 7 Home Premium, according to a pair of reports citing details in the end-user licensing agreement (EULA) of a recently-leaked build. The still-unconfirmed plan would enable users to install a single copy the operating system on up to three computers in a household, and falls in line with similar licensing Microsoft already has for the Home and Student Edition of Microsoft Office 2007.

There's no word on Family Pack pricing yet. Some suggest it would be somewhere around $189 to undercut Apple's comparable plan which gives you five OS X licenses for $199, but when you look at the pricing for a standalone one-user copy of Home Premium, it's $120 for an upgrade and $200 for a full version. How the company ends up structuring its Family Pack pricing is anybody's guess, but it seems clear Microsoft still has some surprises up its sleeve to give XP and Vista users a bigger incentive to upgrade their systems.

The company announced a somewhat similar deal with the launch of Windows Vista back in 2007, though it was a limited-time offer for customers who bought retail copies of Vista Ultimate, the most-expensive SKU in the line.