We reported back in May that the Asus Eee Keyboard was expected to ship at some point in late June, but that obviously didn't happen. If you're unfamiliar with the device, it's quite the interesting package. First put on display during CES earlier this year, it's essentially a netbook crammed inside a keyboard which houses an 800x480 touch-screen display where a keypad would traditionally reside.

After a recent discussion with Asus marketing executive, John Swatton, Tech Digest questioned Eee Keyboard's target. According to Swatton, the gadget is meant to be a controllable media center, fit for use in your living area. As such, it can stream HD content from its 32GB SSD over HDMI to a television.

While the Eee Keyboard is still expected to see a consumer launch, Swatton says you won't get your hands on it until late August. Given the lack of competition in this particular foray, Asus has been able to take their sweet time with getting their latest gizmo out the door.