Nvidia's first desktop graphics processors based on a new 40 nanometer manufacturing process could be available "at the end of September," according a DigiTimes report citing the Chinese-language Commercial Times. The Nvidia GeForce GT220 and GeForce G210 cards should kick things off featuring a GT216 and GT218 GPU respectively, and are expected to directly replace the GT130 and G100 cards to take advantage of the much smaller and energy-efficient process.

DigiTimes claims the graphics firm intended to launch these sooner, but TSMC had initially suffered from poor yields of the 40nm parts. The company has since recovered, however, allowing Nvidia to target holiday sales with their new GPU range. It's not clear if the GeForce GT220 and G210 cards will be available at retail or just as OEM devices for computer builders.

DigiTimes itself says nothing about the new parts in terms of specifications, but a separate report from Electronista claims the GT220 in its current form has 48 visual processing cores, a 615MHz core, and 1GB of 1.3GHz DDR3 memory. The G210 is reportedly much more basic with 16 cores, a 589MHz core clock and 512MB of 1.4GHz DDR2 memory.