OCZ is expanding its already impressive Vertex SSD series today with the launch of new overclocked variants. Available in 30GB, 60GB, 120GB and 250GB capacities, the Vertex Turbo Edition drives are similar to their well-regarded Vertex predecessors but feature proprietary FTL-level firmware and a quicker 64MB of SDR DRAM cache operating at 180MHz; up from the Vertex’s 166MHz.

With these adjustments, the larger 120GB and 250GB drives can hit read and write speeds of up to 270MB/s and 200MB/s, respectively, with sustained write speeds listed at up to 120MB/s. The remaining models have performance figures approximately 25% lower. There is no word on pricing and availability yet, but the Turbo line will naturally warrant a premium over standard Vertex drives – which start at around $135 for the 30GB version and go all the way up to $730 for the 250GB model.

Along with the increased performance, OCZ is also extending the warranty of all their premium level SSDs from two to three years. This includes all Vertex and Summit drives including the Mac Edition and Vertex EX, but excludes the Agility series due to their low cost NAND flash. Customers who already bought any of these drives will have their warranties extended.