Talk of new playable races in WoW is hardly a new conversation piece, and now some believe that four Halloween masks may be hinting at what’s to come. Traditionally, Halloween masks only depict the playable races. The unearthed masks, found on the Public Test Realm, are of a male and female goblin as well as both sexes of a wolf-like race which many players are labeling worgen.

This discovery is bringing up much debate in the WoW community over whether or not they will be announced as playable races in the next expansion. However, goblins have been a long standing neutral race, servicing both the Alliance and the Horde and the worgen are hostile to both factions.

Being that neither race presently sides with a particular faction, it might be a bit difficult to pull that off. Do you think these races can nestle their way into the lore of the game or is Blizzard just messing with us?