In a follow up to last week's story, it appears there have been some new developments in the scuffle between Microsoft and Apple over the former's laptop hunter campaign. If you recall, Apple contacted Microsoft and put some pressure on them to pull their ads or at least change them, frustrated over the use of outdated pricing. Initially defiant, Redmond said they had no intention of ceasing them. According to AdAge, however, who has been watching Microsoft's laptop campaign, at least one advertisement has been changed.

Though not completely pulled, a revised version of one of Microsoft's commercials has made its way to YouTube, with the original disappearing. The new version makes no mention of exact prices anymore, this time only inferring that going Mac would be the pricier route. Microsoft commented to AdAge, informing them that the ads were updated only to reflect pricing, and their core campaign will still demonstrate a better value in choosing a PC. Now the question is whether or not Apple truly thinks the situation is worth heading over to the courts, or if this is the last we will hear of it.