Update: Looks like Apple pulled the trigger a little earlier than expected; iPhone OS 3.0.1 just hit iTunes. The 230MB update contains only a fix for the SMS attack and is available for all iPhone users.

Earlier today we were telling you about a potentially disruptive iPhone SMS flaw that could result in Apple’s smartphone being easily compromised or remotely controlled. While the Cupertino-based company remains mum on the whole issue, its United Kingdom wireless partner O2 has revealed that a software update is indeed on the way.

According to BBC News, an O2 spokesperson has informed them that a patch will be pushed out to users on Saturday via iTunes. If true, AT&T and other carriers will likely notify their customers of the availability of the update, considering the nature of the flaw and the fact that it affects all versions of the iPhone.

Interestingly, the SMS vulnerability in question also affects phones running Windows Mobile and Google's Android operating system, but has gained notoriety as an iPhone flaw due to the device’s high-profile status. According to the report, Google has also taken steps to fix the security hole.