About two months back we announced the unveiling of OCZ's 1TB Colossus SSD. At that time the company hadn't disclosed a price or an official release date outside of an 8-week launch timeframe. They've recently made this information public, and we weren't kidding when we said you would pay dearly.

OCZ's 1TB Colossus boasts maximum read speeds of 250MB/s and write speeds of 200MB/s. It is comprised of two SSD components arranged in a RAID 0 configuration and driven by a JMicron controller. Every aspect of the device keeps true to its name.

It conforms to the 3.5" form factor - which most SSDs have abandoned - and it weighs 400g. The drive's massive capacity puts that of other SSDs to shame, much like its asking price does to my wallet. It is expected to ship at some point in mid-August with a price of $2,500. So, who's counting their pennies?