1TB Colossus SSD to ship this month for $2,500

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About two months back we announced the unveiling of OCZ\'s 1TB Colossus SSD. At that time the company hadn\'t disclosed a price or an official release date outside of an 8-week launch timeframe. They\'ve recently made this information public, and we weren\'t kidding when we said you would pay dearly.

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Well, they finally have the size right. Now let's drop a zero off of that price and I'm first in line to get one! ;-)


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Finally! an SSD with a large amount of space that we can actually use. But, I don't have 2500 to spend on one when next year that last zero will fall off...

When I bought my first flash drive it was $50 dollars for a 1GB. Now you can pay $10 dollars for an $8GB stick. It's all about timing.


I recall computers (BIG SYSTEMS) with smaller total ram than Apples Keyboard...

I recall paying $400+ for a 'doubling of memory' upgrade... I went from 2 megs to 4 megs...

Young pups today don't know memory cram problems.

I used to work in a shop that closed down to discuss if a 'bit' was available for use.


Whats the point of 3.5" SSD's?
2.5" drives you can fit more in your case..


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I like 3.5 because it fits most cases still in use today. 2.5 I usually just let it hang there or Velcro.. Not the best option in my option so the 3.5 is a welcome change in my book. Cases have more enough room for multiple 3.5 hard drives
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