In a world where competitive gaming is still in its infancy and is generally only available to a lucky or select few, there's certainly someone out there looking for a way to make money playing video games. One entrepreneur agrees, and has designed a website designed exclusively to bring online video game wagers into the hands of anyone willing to put their skills to the test. will let people bet actual money on a number of games, coordinating matches through their website and supporting four big consoles: PS2, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii. Each bet results in a fee as well as a cut of the winnings for BringIt. Still, it's a unique service that has been largely nonexistent for gamers until now. Unsurprisingly, legal issues abound with the service, which is illegal in 11 states around the U.S.

If such services are going to make it, now would be the time for them to emerge – current-gen consoles have utterly massive user bases, along with the online support to make this sort of service feasible. Will people open up to it? Time will tell – the service is currently in a beta stage but already offers matchmaking for many games.