Generally, any attention on browsers these days is aimed at the big names, Firefox and Internet Explorer, with a sprinkling of affection for Safari every now and then. We can't forget the little guys in that, however, and the long-lived Opera remains in this category. Today Opera has pushed out a new beta of their upcoming version 10 browser, after a successful round of tests and user feedback that enabled them to move forward with the next stage of development.

Beta 3 introduces a handful of new features, with a lot of attention on the user interface and mechanical functionality of the browser. They're also citing stability improvements, something anyone can appreciate. One feature intentionally left out is Opera Unite, a relatively quiet technology that is intended to provide for "inter-browser" communication, an extension of social networking.

If you're an Opera fan or like to try out new browsers, check Opera 10 Beta 3 out yourself at their site.