Tim Sweeney: The end of the GPU roadmap Epic Games founder and 3D engine architect Tim Sweeney has presented what he calls "The end of the GPU roadmap", where he essentially says that GPU as we know them are too limited, and predicts that by 2020 developers will switch to a more flexible massively parallel programming model where all fixed functionality (texture filtering, anti-aliasing, rasterization) have been replaced with a software implementation, backed by massive computing power. Ubergizmo

All weekend, Valve's games will be crazy cheap All standalone Half-Life titles (including Team Fortress Classic) are a whopping 66% off, meaning you can buy all seven of them for just $17. Or, if you want to be selective, Half-Life will cost you $3.40, Half-Life 2, $6.80. Also on sale is the "Valve Complete Pack" which bundles about two dozen games for $90. Kotaku

Verizon Wireless tests LTE 4G service in Boston and Seattle Verizon Wireless today completed its first successful Long Term Evolution (LTE) 4G data call in Boston based on the 3GPP Release 8 standard; the company also announced today that it had earlier completed the first LTE 4G data call based on the 3GPP Release 8 standard in Seattle. Verizon

Apple accuses Psystar of destroying evidence Psystar has been accused by Apple of having destroyed evidence it was legally required to preserve in their ongoing court battle. Apple's accusation came in a letter brief (PDF) filed with the court - much of which is redacted and most of the accompanying exhibits are sealed. The Inquirer

Microsoft: Firefox's billion claim is 'interesting math' Amy Barzdukas, a general manager at Microsoft in charge of the company's Internet Explorer browser, said that the recent announcement that Firefox has reached a billion downloads was "interesting math". Guardian

Google users search more, very loyal: comScore Google holds greater loyalty among its users, who conduct more searches a month than those on Yahoo! and Microsoft, new data issued on Friday showed, posing a challenge for the new team of rivals to Google. Reuters